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How do I use my Document Camera?
Last Updated a year ago

1. When the document camera is connect to the MacBook, raise the arm on the document camera and move the power switch down to power it on.

2. Locate the IPEVO Visualizer application on your MacBook. The app can be found in Launchpad or by pressing command/space to bring up Spotlight Search and typing in IPEVO. The application icon is pictured below.


3. Once the app is located and opened, you can drag the app to your dock where it will remain unless removed.

4. The app should open displaying the document camera, if it doesn't, click on the camera icon in the top left corner, this will allow you to select which camera to use. Click under 'select camera' your options should be FaceTime HD Camera (your webcam) or IPEVO VZ-R (document camera). Click IPEVO to switch to the document camera.


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