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What are all these buttons on my document camera?
Last Updated 2 years ago


Light: This button turns the light on and off on the document camera.

Filter: This button changes the display filter with 10 different options ranging from black and white to sepia to negative. Cycle through the filters to get back to normal display.

Rotate: This button rotates the image displayed 180 degrees.

Zoom+: This button zooms in on the displayed image up to 4x.

Zoom-:  This button zooms out until it reaches the default display.

EXP+: This button increases exposure of the display.

EXP-: This button decreases exposure of the display.

Focus/AF-Lock: This button will focus on what is displayed through the document camera. If an image you are displaying is blurry, pressing this button should clear it up.

Power: This switch powers on or off the document camera. Toggle the switch down to turn on the device, toggle the switch up to turn off the device.

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