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How do I check my voicemail?
Last Updated 3 years ago

1. Press the voicemail button (as pictured below) on the phone.

2. Enter your voicemail password.

3. Press 1 for new messages (if any) or old messages, press 2 for change folders, press 3 for advance options, press 0 for mailbox options, press * for help, press # exit voicemail.

New Messages (Menu 1)

4. The first message will playback.

5. Press 3 for advance options, press 5 to repeat the message, press 7 to delete the message, press 8 to forward your message to another user, press 9 to save the message, press * for help, press # to exit voicemail.

Change Folders (Menu 2)

6. Press 0 for new messages, press 1 for old messages, press 2 for work messages, press 3 for family messages, press 4 for friends messages, press # to cancel and take you back to the main menu.

Mailbox Options (Menu 0)

8. Press 1 to record your unavailable message, press 2 to record your busy message, press 3 to record your name, press 4 to record your temporary greeting, press 5 to change your voicemail password, press * to return to the main menu.


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