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What are all these buttons on my phone?
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(Left Side)

Line Keys- These 12 keys activate the label that is beside them.

Soft Keys- These 5 keys activate the label that is above them and will change function based on what the phone is doing.

Menu/OK- Press this button while at the home screen to access the menu. While in the menu, press this button to confirm a menu selection.

Standard Keypad- Dial extensions or phone numbers.

Navigation Keys- At the home screen, use the left and right buttons to change pages. In the menu, use all keys to navigate the listed options. 

(Right Side)

Voicemail Waiting Indicator- When flashing you have a new voicemail in your voice mailbox.

Voicemail- Instantly access voice mailbox. Click How do I set up my voicemail? to learn more.

Contacts- View contacts. Click How do I search extensions? to learn more.

Transfer- Transfer call to an extension. Click How do I transfer a call? to learn more.


Hold- Place caller on hold.


Mute- When not on a call this button will toggle Do Not Disturb. While in a call this will mute your mic.

Send- At the home screen, this button will access the dialed numbers page in your history. OR after dialing an extension or phone number, press this button to instantly make the call. 

Volume- At the home screen adjust volume of ringtone. While on a call adjust volume of handset. 

Speaker- Place the caller on speaker or access speaker mode.

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